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Becq's High-Performance
Radiation Shielding Product Lines

Becq's standard radiation shielding product lines offer superior radiation stopping power and can be optimized based on your neutron and gamma source, design temperature, desired dose rate, and geometric or weight constraints. Whether you need pourable, high-temperature neutron shielding or lead-free gamma shielding, Becq's products are customizable to maximize performance.  All products are easy to install and can be supplied as pre-formed parts, as a kit to pour and cure in-situ, as a shielded container, or in a custom configuration. 


Becqshield®™ is our flagship line of lightweight, neutron shielding materials, popular for its high-hydrogen content and pourability. Becqshield-HT is the first and only neutron shield that does not sacrifice hydrogen content for a higher operating temperature.  Becqshield-RT is a pourable, lightweight neutron shield with more hydrogen than borated polyetyhelene and Becqshield-HD is a pourable, lead-free, dual purpose neutron-gamma shield.  


Becqrete®™ is our line of pourable composites for neutron absorption or gamma absorption at 1200oF (650oC) temperatures.  Becqrete-N is a pourable neutron absorber composite with

3 - 45 vol% boron carbide. Becqrete-G is a pourable, gamma absorber composite with densities 100- 375 lb/ft3

(1.6 - 6.0 g/cm3).

Becqlear®™ is a low-density 100 lb/ft3 (1.6 g/cm3) line with Becqlear-N, a clear, hydrogen and boron containing neutron shield and Becqlear-G, a clear, metal-containing gamma shield.

Becqflex®™ is flexible, low-density shielding, available as Becqflex-N for neutron shielding or Becqflex-G for gamma shielding.



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