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 Becq Provides Optimized Shielding and
Custom Shielding Materials

Becq is the first and only radiation shielding company designing optimized shielding materials for the nuclear industry.  Becq’s radiation shielding technology can overcome the limitations of existing shielding materials to reduce costs, simplify manufacturability, and improve the safety of your equipment.  Instead of a one-size fits all approach to shielding, Becq will customize its standard product lines to provide the best shielding material to meet your needs.  For example, Becq’s optimization approach has achieved a 25% reduction in dose and 10% reduction in weight compared to other available shielding options for a radioactive materials container!  

Step 1:

You and Becq will work together to define your inputs and identify your design constraints (weight restrictions, operating temperature, geometric configurations, volumetric constraints, dose limits, etc.)

Step 2:

You and Becq will select an optimization goal for your new shielding

(i.e. lowest dose per unit weight, lowest dose per unit thickness, lowest dose per unit volume, lowest cost per total volume etc.) 

Step 3:

Becq will then run a model based on your inputs, limitations, and goals through ShieldCalcq.

Step 4:

ShieldCalcq will process thousands of customizations of our high-performance shielding materials and output the optimal shield design for your application.

Step 5:

Becq will perform material testing to confirm material performance meets requirements outlined in Step 1.


Step 6:

Becq will manufacture and supply your shielding material as a pourable kit, pre-formed parts, shielded container, or other custom product.

Are You Ready for the Best Shielding? 

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